which currencies do you accept?
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which currencies do you accept?

The official currency of Iran is Rial. There is another money unit in Iran, called Toman, which is equivalent to 10 Rials.
Rial is the printed currency but Toman is the discussed currency.
When you go to grocery store or a shopping center, the seller give you the price in Tomans. But you notice a lot of zeros on the price tag. Usually, this is what confuses almost every traveller in Iran. You need to put your finer on the last "0" to find out how much is that in Toman.
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Iranian bank note equal to 50000 Toman (almost $16.1)


• Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard do not work in Iran; so make sure to bring enough cash with you.
• Official rate of exchange in Iran is different from the real rate.
• Google converter informs you the official rate. Do not use that.
• Some hotels might charge you at the official rate. It is better to pay them in Tomans instead of dollars.
• The best place to exchange currency are the registerd exchange stores.

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