Fun with rhinoplasty
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Fun with rhinoplasty

Do you know who has the biggest nose in the world? What do Hollywood celebrities say about their nose surgery? You may find the answer to these questions in the entertainment section of Dr. HOSNANI`s website.
Fun with rhinoplasty

The biggest nose in the world

Mehmet from turkey owns the biggest nose in the world. The distance between radix and nasal tip of Mehmet is 8.8 centimeters. This measurement is done in 2010 and has been recorded in the book of Guinness. Therefore Mehmet has the longest nose on a living person.

High rate of rhinoplasty in Iran

Nose surgery in Iran is performed 7 time more than the united states. 200 thousand nose surgeries are being performed in Iran on a yearly basis.

What do celebrities say about their rhinoplasty

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are very popular between celebrities. Nowadays almost every Hollywood celebrity has done at least one cosmetic surgery on her face among which nose surgery is one of the most common.
This American singer has performed more than 10 cosmetic surgeries in a day.
•  Heidi Montag, American singer, unbelievably underwent 10 surgical operations in a day by Dr. Frank Ryan.
•  Jennifer Anison said that nasal deviation was the reason for her rhinoplasty.
•  Jennifer Lopez does not deny the rumors about her nose job.

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