Interview with ITV
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Interview with ITV

Rageh Omaar is an International Affairs Editor for ITV and responsible for covering major news stories across the world. Rageh used to be the Senior Foreign Correspondent for the BBC before leaving to present for Al Jazeera.
Rageh Omar
In a trip to Iran, he asked for a meeting time to talk to Dr. Hamidreza HOSNANI about the reasons why Iranian youngsters are so interested in rhinoplasty. He noticed that there are more nose jobs done in Tehran than any other city in the world even more than home of Hollywood LA.
Rageh with Dr Hosnani
He estimated that as many as 200,000 Iranians are going under the knife every year. He described Iran as a place where many Iranian young men and women have something very surprising in common with westerns. It comes in the form of plastic surgery in particular for noses.
Walking in Tehran, you wonder to yourself how all these people had worked done.
Iran nose job
The Iranian capital is actually the nose job capital of the world.

Dr Hosnani answeres ITV
The main motive for rhinoplasty is self confidence.

Raheg Omaar observing Dr Hosnani's rhinoplasty procedure
Raheg Omaar observing Dr Hosnani's rhinoplasty procedure

ITV report about plastic surgery in Iran
ITV report about plastic surgery in Iran
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