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Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
Send your photos to get advice and exact price.
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Step by step of

1- Contact us and Send the photos of your face from front view and both side views.
2- We will process your request, file your photos, assign a code for you and send your request to Dr. HOSNANI
3- Wait for a few days to receive the doctor's opinion. Depending on the number of requests in the queue, it takes 2 to 7 days to receive a reply.
4- If you did not receive a reply after a week, please remind us.
5- If Dr. HOSNANI accepts your case, his opinion along with exact price will be quoted to you.
6- Inform us your preferred date of surgery.
7- If your preferred date is available, it will be set. Otherwise, another date will be proposed to you.
8- After a date is set for you, exact timing of your flight will be informed to you.
9- Prepare flight tickets and your visa
10- Confirm your booking at least 2 weeks before your surgery date by sending the photo of your passport and flight tickets.
11- We will reserve hotel for you and send someone to pick you up at the airport
12- An experienced, English-fluent staff of Dr. HOSNANI, your travel guide, will accompany you during the first few days and keeps in touch with you throughout your stay.
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Travel guide

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