Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
Send your photos to get advice and exact price.
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Cost of facial surgeries Rhinoplasty: Depending of the type of nose: $2200 - $2900; Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery): Upper eyelids: $600, Upper eyelids + Lower eyelids: $1000, Chin augmentation: Rhinoplasty + Chin augmentation = Rhinoplasty price + $1000 Lipofilling (fat injection): Depending on the ... read more

Basic price of rhinoplasty (plastic nose surgery), Cost of thick skinned (meaty) nose surgery, Cost of crooked nose surgery, Cost of Revision (second) rhinoplasty, Important points to be considered about cost of the rhinoplasty... read more

For the comfort and the safety of our out-patients, we are glad to offer our comfort package. You do not need to worry about dealing with taxi drivers, pharmacies, exchange stores, finding addresses, communication problems and so on. Many services and expenses are all included in the package... read more

You have a vriety of options regarding your accommodation and hotels. There are both hotels and flats available. Price starts from $50 for one person room. During the first one week while you are recovering from rhinoplasty, you have to stay the most of your time in the hotel. You would better to have fresh and healthy foods and fruits. If you are travelling in a family you would better to ... read more

Cost of surgery and accommodation are the major costs. Price of rhinoplasty and other surgical operations are explained in detail in specific page. Anyway, just for your information and to get a figure about the prices, the following list is prepared for you. ... read more

The official currency of Iran is Rial. There is another money unit in Iran, called Toman, which is equivalent to 10 Rials. When you go to grocery store or a shopping center, the seller give you the price in Tomans. But you notice a lot of zeros on the price tag. Usuall... read more

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