Rhinoplasty: Question and Answer
Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
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Rhinoplasty: Question and Answer

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Frequent Questions about rhinoplasty
Variety of questions are asked about rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job. Find the answers to frequently asked questions here at this page.

Archive Of Questions about rhinoplasty
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Selected Questions about rhinoplasty
A lot of questions are asked and answered in the field of rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job. Some of these questions are selected and are available here for your information.
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Nose surgery online consultation
Archive of the previous consultations about nose surgery and questions previously answered by Dr. Hosnani are provided in this part.
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Frequently asked and common questions about nose surgery
Some questions are common. It means that they are asked frequently by website visitors and rhinoplasty applicants. It is recommended to read these questions and answers before asking your question.

partial revision of the nose by surgery
Sometimes it happens that a person has his nose done and the result is satisfactory but he thinks he can still improve that.
Partial revision

Bad smell inside the nose after the nose surgery
What is the reason for the Bad smell of the nose, feeling bad smell inside the nose and feeling infection smell inside the nose after the surgery?

Is there a possibility of voice change after the nose surgery?
In modern nose surgery, the possibility of voice quality change or hypernasality is very low.
Voice change possibility

Is natural giving birth possible after nose surgery?
Is it ture that women who have undergone nose surgery cannot give birth in a natural way?
Birth giving after rhinoplasty

gloss of nasal skin after nose cosmetic surgery
nasal skin should not become glossy after nose surgery.
gloss of nose

reetouch of the operated nose at the doctor's office
It is possible to repair the nose at the office with local anesthesia and it is not a strange issue. But I prefer to perform any retouch or revision at the operating room.

nose up rotation with surgery
In the past, the surgeons used to cut the nasal cartilages to improve the drooping of the nasal tip. The problem with that method was under influence of gravity and repairing process of the nose, the nasal tip would have returned to its previous position in some patients. For this reason, the surgeons, used to elevate the nasal tip so much, so that when the nasal tip comes down after a while, the shape gets close to their desired look.
nose up rotation

Orthodontics and nose surgery: which one should be done first?
Any changes in appearance of the chin, would better be done before the nose surgery. Orthodency has no effects on the result of the nose surgery in the age that is done. Therefore Orthodontics (dental braces) has no priority or inforiority against nose surgery and any one of them can be done first depending of the patient's preference. Nose surgery is even possible at the same time as dental braces are on and they do not have interference with each other.

Nasal rasping
nasal hump removal is done with the aid of the rasp. Rasp is a device made up of stainless steel which has delicate dents the same as ones in a nail file. Sometimes, rasp is made up of tungsten which is stronger than steel.

sense of taste change after the nose surgery
sense of taste might be temporarily disturbed after nose surgery. But do not worry. As the post-surgical swelling gradually subsides, nasal sensory perception will improve and smells and tastes will become more defined again. In most patients, it takes about 3 to 6 weeks for smell and taste to fully return.
sesne of taste

feeling numbness in nasal tip and lips after surgery
Feeling of numbness of the nasal tip after nose surgery is temporary and will be fixed in less than one month. Because the nerves of the nose and lip are temporarily inflated.
numbness of the nose

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