3d nose size reduction
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3d nose size reduction

3d nose size reduction means making the nose smaller from all points. For more details, read the text below.
3d nose size reduction
3d nose size reduction
Three-dimensional size reduction means reduction of the size of the nose from every direction. For more information, read the below article: One of the most important reasons why patients undergo rhinoplasty is the big size of their nose and disproportionate size of the nose to the face. For men and women who are unhappy with the size and shape of their nose, rhinoplasty, which is also known as nose reshaping surgery or a nose job, offers a safe and effective cosmetic solution.

Big size might have different cases:

The patient might have a wide nose. In this case, when we look at the face from the front view, the nose looks wide on the face. This wideness can be on the upper half of the nose (bony part) or in the lower half of the nose (cartilaginous skinny part). This latter occurs in meaty nose.
bony nose width reduction
reduction of the nasal width at the upper half of the nose
meaty nose surgery
Reduction of the nasal width at the lower half - meaty nose
Another case of big nose is when from the profile view the nose looks long. In the other word, distance between the dorsum of the nose to the face is high. This case usually occurs in bony or cartilaginous noses.
height of nose
Reduction of the nasal height by rhinoplasty
Third case is when in profile view, the nose is lengthy or long. In the other words the distance between the nasal tip and the nasal radix at the forehead is high. This case also occurs usually in bony nose.
Length of nose
Reduction of the nasal length by rhinoplasty
Size reduction of the nose for each of these cases, is actually done in two directions. Last case would be when the nose is big and wide and long and high at the same time. In this case, the size of the nose has to be reduced from every direction. Therefore it is called Three-dimensional size reduction of the nose.
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