Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
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Story of Amal: nose job in Iran

Amal makes the decision to do a nose job. Trying to choose the best nose surgeon in Iran, she looks up on the Internet and visits many doctors' websites. She finds Dr HOSNANI’s website on the top of search results in google and finds this website the most informative one. Amal gets impressed by Dr HOSNANI's before and after photo gallery and his previous results. She sends the images of her face whatsapp and receives Dr HOSNANI's opinion about her nose along with the exact price. She makes the appointments and books everything in advance (including the comfort package) and travels to Iran.

Upon her arrival, one travel guide from the team of Dr. HOSNANI picks her up from the airport and brings her to the doctor's ofice. Visit date to the doctor is already set and the hotel is already reserved.
Dr Hosnani visits Amal at his office

During the consultation visit, Amal tells the doctor that she doesn’t like up-warded, Michael Jackson-style nose and she is looking for a natural result. Immediately after the cosultation visit, Amal was guided to the photo-studio to take the professiobal photos and then to the medical lab for taking her blood test.

operating room
On the surgery date, after reception, Amal is brought to the pre-operation care unit and receives a serum containing nutrient and calming medicines to remove her feeling of thirst, hunger and stress before the surgery.
After half an hour, Amal is transferred to the operating room. The anesthesiologist asks her a few questions and talks to her friendly. Amal keeps talking while she smiles. Talks and talks ambiguously and then begins her journey to the world of anesthesia. Best and most advanced methods of anesthesia is used in the operating room. Amal experiences a successful surgery without any bleeding or feeling of pain.



After one week, she travels back to her country with happiness.

happy about rhinoplasty
Her trip is filmed step by step and the story of her nose job is narrated in a short film. In this 6 minute video, we will be with her from the moment she decides to do the surgery, go with her to the consultation visit, go to the operating room, watch her surgery and see the surgery result right after rhinoplasty and will stay with Amal until the last day while she is in Iran.

Operating roon section is not shown in this bideo

This video is also available in Farsi and Arabic .

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Operating room section is shown in this video

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Attention! Attention! If you are sensitive and watching such scenes as hammering and filing of the nasal bone annoys you, do not watch this video and watch the intenerated version (left video) instead.
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