Animation Of Rhinoplasty of Dr Hosnani
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Animation Of Rhinoplasty of Dr Hosnani

Real story of a girl who travels to Iran for doing nose surgery is prepared as a video clip. Watch the video of her experience or download to your device. Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI.
On the day of surgery, after reception, the patient is transferred to the operating room. Receiving the anesthetic medicines she falls asleep and begins her journey to the world of anesthesia.
animation anesthesia
Patient receiving anesthesia before rhinoplasty
Dr Hosnani starts the rhinoplasty by making a small incision at the base of the nose right between the 2 nostrils. Removal of the hump is done with the aid of a hammer.
animation incisions
Rhinoplasty begins with a small incision at the base of the nose
The next step is filing the nasal bone with a rasp. This step has to be done with a great care. The surgeon touches the top of the nose continuously keeping the look at the pre-surgery photos to realize how much further he should file.
animation  rasping
Nasal bone and cartilage being filed with a rasp
After filing is finished it is time for the lateral osteotomy or cutting the nasal bones from the sides. The surgeon cuts the nasal bone accurately and then relocates the bones inward with the fingers. The hump is not thrown away after removal. The surgeon reshapes this cartilage in millimeters and uses that for reshaping other parts of the nose. Nasal tip is reshaped and strengthened by the cartilage taken from the septum.
nasal tip bering reshaped
nasal tip bering reshaped
Suturing techniques may be used to make the nasal tip narrower. Surgery is finished. The patient has to rest and wait for one week for removal of the nasal splint so that she can see the result.
Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI ENT specialist with more than 3400 successful nose surgeries in Iran. For more videos visit Dr Hosnani’s website at

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