What to Avoid After nose Surgery
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What to Avoid After nose Surgery

What to Avoid After nose Surgery, rhinoplasty, plastic surgery and nose job. Intense physical activity, swimming and diving. Direct exposure to sun for long time is prohibited after plastic surgery.

Things to avoid for the first month:

Blowing the nose: Do not blow your nose after the surgery for one month. Nose blowing might damage inner stiches or cause injuries to the internal structure of nose. If necessary, clean your nose with a sterile gauze. You can find the video tutorial on how to clean and wash your nose after the surgery in the website.
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nose blowing is prihibited after nose surgery for 3 weeks
Wearing glasses: Do not wear glasses for one month after rhinoplasty. Wearing glasses may change the shape of the nasal bone. If necessary, attach the glasses to your forehead with a nasal tape.
Intense physical activities: do not attend any hard workouts for one month after the surgery.
Swimming: do not go to swimming for one month after the surgery.
Extreme sunlight: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. The heat may worsen the swelling of your nose. Nasal skin is too sensitive to sunshine after rhinoplasty.
Dentistry: Going to dentist requires extreme opening of the mouth and strong movement of the face. Therefore, it is advised to postpone going to the dentist for about two months.

Things to avoid for the first 2 weeks

Ibuprofen and Aspirin: do not take any Ibuprofen or Aspirin two weeks before and after the surgery.
Long conversations: do not engage in phone conversations lasting more than 10-14 minutes.
Sexual activities: avoid sexual activities for two weeks after the surgery, because having sex releases a large amount of adrenaline in body and it might cause nasal swelling and bleeding.
Smoking: smoking postpones recovery of the wounds. For the acceleration of the recovery, do not smoke for at least two weeks after the surgery and do not stay close the smoking people.

Things to avoid for the first 1 week:

Extreme movement of the face: crying, laughing, sucking, and chewing causes extreme movement of the face. Avoid doing them.
Hard meals: avoid eating meals that require long chewing. Except for this food limit, you are almost allowed to eat anything from the second day on.
Washing the hair: It is better not to take a shower for the first week after the surgery. If necessary, you can only wash your body. Avoid washing the hair unless someone else is doing it for you. Never ever wet the nasal splint.
Button-less shirts: put on the clothes which can be opened or closed from front or back by buttons. Do not wear long-collar jacket, T-shirt and clothes like that.
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