chin augmentation at the same time as rhinoplasty
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chin augmentation at the same time as rhinoplasty

Who is a good candidate for chin augmentation? Is this surgery possible at the same time as rhinoplasty? Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about good candidates of Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job.
Chin Augmentation
chin augmentation at the same time as rhinoplasty

Are you a candidate?

From every 4 rhinoplasty applicant, almost one person is potential candidate for chin augmentation and strengthening. Small chin makes nose appear bigger. In the other words, nose may not have any special problem; but due to the small and receded chin, nose may look bigger and more projected in the profile view.

To know whether or not you need chin augmentation, follow the bellow steps:

1- Stand aside and look forward.
2- Place the head in the direction which lowest point of the pre-orbital bone of your eye (the point A in the below image) and the uppermost part of ear duct (point B in the below image) stand in the same horizontal line.
3- Draw a vertical line, perpendicular to the above line and tangential the lower lip according to the image.
chin man
In men chin has to be placed on this line.

chin woman
In women chin has to be placed 2 millimeters before this line
The more your chin is receded, the more your beauty is affected.

Chin improvement methods

There are 3 different methods for improvement and strengthening of the chin:
1- Chin bone surgery: Cutting the bone of the chin and placing it forward.
2- Chin augmentation surgery: Installation of implant (artificial material) on the bone of chin.
3- Non-surgical methods: injection of fillers (Gel and fat)

Advantages of “chin augmentation surgery” compared to “chin bone surgery”:

o Chin augmentation surgery corrects the esthetic problems of the chin better and more accurately.
o Chin augmentation surgery is an easier surgery technical-wise.
o Chin augmentation surgery is less expensive and more economic for the patient.
o The surgery is lighter and easier.
o Recovery period is lower.
o There are fewer side effects.

Limitations of chin augmentation surgery comparing to the surgery of chin bone.

 If the chin is more than 1cm away from the vertical line, chin augmentation by implant cannot fix it.
 There are limitations for improvement of vertical deformities of the chin by chin augmentation.
 If the bone of the chin underneath the implant is corroded, the chin may become small again.

What are the implants made of?

The implants have to be chosen from the materials which does not cause sensitivity or infection in the person. Implants are usually made of silicone or porous polyethylene.

Silicone implants

Silicon is easily formed and comes in different shapes and sizes. Probability of infection and movement of the implant is lower than 1%. They can be easily removed if necessary. They come in different shapes. Anatomic types are double branched and can be used to strengthen the lateral areas of the chin. Dr. HOSNANI normally uses silicone implants.

Polyethylene implants:

They are difficult to forms. They interact with the surrounding tissue. They are unlikely to move. It is very difficult to remove them if necessary.

Where are the incisions made?

For chin augmentation surgery Dr. HOSNANI usually uses the external incisions methods. A 2cm to 3cm incisions is made on the natural horizontal line under the chin. There surgeon elevates the soft tissue through this incisions and fixes the implant on the bone of the chin. In this method accuracy of the surgery is higher and sutures scars are rarely significant. There is another method which is called intra-oral. In this method the incisions are made inside the mouth, using this technique lip muscles may be weak therefor Dr. HOSNANI does not use this method. Non-surgical technique.
For strengthening the chin there are also non-surgery methods. The most important of which is injection of fillers like Gel or fat on the chin. To use the bony parts of the face like chicks and chins, implants are preferred, because they are more effective. Gel and fat are preferred for filling the soft areas of the face (like lips).
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