Story Of Esmeralda: a girl who comes to Iran for rhinoplasty
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Story Of Esmeralda: a girl who comes to Iran for rhinoplasty

Story Of Esmeralda: a girl who comes to Iran for rhinoplasty. Esmeralda is friend of Amal who finds her very beautiful. She gets contact details of Dr Hosnani and inquires the price and advice.
Esmeralda makes decision to travel to Iran for doing nose surgery with Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI. She contacts the doctor's office, sends the photos of her face from front front view and both side views and gets the doctor's opinion about her nose along with the exact price.
Esmeralda is a close friend to Amal who was featured in the previous video and is a very beautiful and happy girl now. During the consultation visit, Dr Hosnani inquires Esmeralda about her expectations and demands. Then shows her a lot of photos similar to her case who had already done surgery with him. She agrees with the doctor that she wants a mild curve, without too much elevation of the tip and a natural looking result.
Esmeralda agrees with the doctor about the rotation of her nasal tip
While examining the inside of her nose, Dr. Hosnani noticed a deviated septum. Esmeralda said that she had broken her nose when she was a child. For better understanding of the condition, the doctor advised her to prepare CT scan photos of the nose. Computed tomography scan or CT scan makes detailed pictures of internal structure of the nose. During the test, she lied face down on a table that is attached to the CT scanner, which is a large doughnut-shaped machine.
CT scan
Computed tomography scan or CT scan
Blood test is carried out to make sure that she is in a proper health condition. Professional photos from different sides of the face are taken to be mounted on a wall in the operating room.
On the day of surgery, Esmeralda fills up a few forms, writing down a summary of what she has agreed with the doctor. After that, she puts on the surgical gown and then gets ready for operation. Everybody smiles at the clinic and makes her completely comfortable and happy.
Esmeralda is very happy in the operating room
Before the surgery begins, she meets the doctor again, confirms everything with him and then gets ready for anesthesia. Anesthetic medicines are injected and then an oxygen mask is put on her mouth. She is relaxed and full of confidence. Artificial respiration unit is connected to the mouth and her vital signs are fully under control.
last second visit
Before the operation begins you will see the doctor again
This is the nose of Esmeralda right after surgery. A slight curve and natural look as she expected is totally achieved. Surgery is finished. To prevent bleeding, a nasal tampon is inserted into the nose. A plastic cast called splint is being put on the nose and a dressing under the nose.
nose after operation
This is nose of Esmeralda immediately after operation
Esmeralda is waking up from the anesthesia. Anesthesiologist asks her to open her eyes. Esmeralda gets ready to be transferred to the recovery room. Blood pressure and oxygen level of the blood is monitored for about an hour in the recovery room, after that she is transferred to the hospitalization unit. She stays at the clinic for the night. The morning after surgery, the nurse rubs her pomades, puts her droppers and teaches her how to use the medicines. She leaves the clinic to rest for one week and then she comes to the doctor’s office for the removal of the nasal splints and sutures.
pommades after  rhinoplasty
Keep the sutures moist by pommade
She cannot believe that her nose is actually looking like the model nose she showed to the doctor as the dream nose and that the actual result turned out to be much better than the computer imaging! She leaves the country with lots of happiness and appreciation.
dream nose
Esmeralda is looking like her favorite celebrity.

Esmeralda 5 months after surgery

Esmeralda is a beautiful and happy girl now. Th emajor swelling of the nose is gone now and the minor swelling will go away completely after one year.
esmeralda after 5 months
Esmeralda, 5 months after rhinoplasty
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esmeralda after one year
Esmeralda, one year after rhinoplasty in Iran
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