Frequent Questions about rhinoplasty
Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
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Frequent Questions about rhinoplasty

Variety of questions are asked about rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job. Find the answers to frequently asked questions here at this page.
What is the price of rhinoplasty?
Depending on the type of nose, size of nose, cartilage difficiency, breathing problem and other factors it can vary from $ 2800 to $ 3300. To see the price structure, you may visit this page. You may send your photos to get the doctor's opinion about the success rate of your surgery along with exact price.
How long should I stay in Iran?
Recovery time for rhinoplasty is one week. It means that after surgery, you need to stay in Tehran and rest for a week before you can travel back to your country. In total, you need to stay 8 to 10 days. For more detail, visit the itinerary. Setting your surgery date on a Sunday, makes the duration of your stay the most optimum.
What is the proper age for plastic surgery of nose?
The legal age an individual can decide for himself/herself is 18 years. However, from scientific point of view, girls from 14 and boys from 16 can go for a nose plastic surgery as long as they have the consent of their parents. The maximum age may be up to 60 years as long as no internal disease is going on.
What are meaty nose and cartilaginous nose?
If the nose has thick skin and weak cartilage in the underneath, the nose is metaphorically called meaty nose.
If the nose has thin skin and strong cartilage in the underneath, the nose is metaphorically called cartilaginous nose.
Regarding the fact that ,with the current technics of plastic surgery, only the bone and cartilage are shaved off and no action is done on the skin, the cartilaginous nose are more responsive to the surgery and are more likely to become beautiful.
However, it is still possible to apply long-lasting aesthetic changes on the meaty nose.
Will a second surgery be necessary?
According to the statistical analysis of the works of greatest surgeons of the world, the probability of needing for a second surgery is 10 percent. This number is even smaller in our patients. Anyhow, it is still probable and inevitable. During the second surgery, which is called a nose retouch, the traces of defects remaining from the first surgery will be improved.
Is it necessary to put a tampon inside the nose after surgery?
To reduce bleeding and nasal inflammation, it would be better to use tampon and bandage inside the nose for 24 hours, after the nose plastic surgery. However, it is not something absolutely necessary and can be not used on demand of the patient.
Is it possible to perform nasal polyp surgery and nasal plastic surgery simultaneously?
While a deviated septum is better to be improved during the nasal plastic surgery, it is possible and more recommended to improve nasal polyp prior to the nasal plastic surgery. However, it is also possible to do it separately.
How long rest do I need after a rhinoplasty?
Light occupational activities can be restarted 4 days after a rhinoplasty. To start intense occupational activities, however, a 2 week rest is recommended.
Is it possible to perform a rhinoplasty surgery by laser?
Currently it is not possible to perform a rhinoplasty surgical procedure by laser. Nevertheless, since the public is very interested in this subject, it may be abused for advertisement purposes. The only thing that laser can do in a rhinoplasty is making incisions which is unimportant taking into account that the incisions in rhinoplasty are very small. Therefore, the laser is not applicable in rhinoplasty.
How long will a nasal plastic surgery take?
Depending on the nose problems, it may take between 1 to 3 hours.
When will the patient be discharged from the hospital?
The patient will be discharged the same evening and will not usually be hospitalized in the medical center for the night.
Will respiration be affected after rhinoplasty?
Clogging of the nose, which happens due to the nasal secretions and inflammation of the tissues inside the nose, usually persists for one month after surgery. But it is a temporary problem. After a rhinoplasty, the respiratory action of the nose will usually return to its normal condition or even to a better condition than it used to be.
Open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty, which one is better and what is their difference?
In closed rhinoplasty all of the surgical incisions will be made inside the nose and no stitch will remain on the nasal skin. Closed rhinoplasty is preferred when the nasal defects are minor. In open rhinoplasty, small incisions will be made at the bottom of the nose which will become almost invisible 6 months after surgery. This method is applicable for all kinds of noses.
In comparison between 'otorhinolaryngologists', 'sub-specialist plastic surgeons' and 'head and neck specialists' which group is more qualified for performing a rhinoplasty?
Currently, throughout the world, each group state themselves as being the most qualified one to perform the rhinoplasty. The truth is each one of these groups, as long as they have taken the courses of nasal plastic surgeries, they are all qualified to perform this surgery. Anyhow, the main difference is the scientific and technical capabilities of the surgeons. There are qualified and style-owner surgeons among each group and it is up to you to make a proper choice.
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