How much Farsi do you need to know?
Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
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How much Farsi do you need to know?

To travel to Iran and do rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job, How much Farsi do you need to know?
Official language in Iran is Farsi (Persian). English is the offical second language in Iran, however, it is very difficult to communicate in English with ordinary people in Iran. Therefore, it is recommended to learn the following basic phrases:


Hello = Salaam
Thank you = Mamnoon, Mochakeram
Goodbye = Khoda-hafez, Khodafez
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In Taxi

Taxi = Taxi
Street = khiaaban
Square = Meidaan (for example: Vanak square = Meydane vanak)
Take me to this address = Mano bebar be in address
Taxi fare = Keraaye taxi
How much will you charge me? = Cheghadr mishe?
Medical office = Matab (for example: Dr HOSNANAI's medical office = Matabe doctor Hosnani)

In hotel

I would like to order a chicken soup = Soope morgh lotfan
Air conditioner is nor working = Cooler kar nemikone
I need a plug adapter = Mobadele piriz lotfan


How much is this = In chande?
Any discount? = Takhfif nadare?
Water please = Aab lotfan
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