What is an Ideal Nose?
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What is an Ideal Nose?

Many rhinoplasty applicants take the photo of their favorite celebrities with themselves during the consultation visit and ask their doctor to operate the nose similar to them. Is this a correct approach? Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about showing celebrity photos before Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job.
Rhinoplasty applicants have always these questions in their mind:
1- What is the best shape of nose for my face?
2- How I can tell what is in my mind to my surgeon?
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During the consultation meeting they ask:
will I look like this photo?
Different people choose different solution. Many of them bring the photos of the beauties and celebrities. During the consultation meeting they ask: will I look like this photo? They think that their dream nose is the nose on the face of their favorite celebrities and t that they would be happy if they have such noses!
•  Less than 20 percent of the facial beauty is relevant to the nose! Face standards including the proportion of length and width of the face, shape of the forehead, form and color of the eyes, form of the cheeks, chins, lips, neck, skin color, hairs and nose are the other determining factors. Therefore, if we like a person’s beauty, beauty of the nose is only a part of that. Many beautiful people do not even have a beautiful nose! Moreover popularity and fame of the celebrity have a mental effect on their attractiveness. Therefore, if the nose of a person is copy pasted to another face, the result might not be good.
•  Many of such celebrities do not have real face! Numerous surgical operations might have been done on their face. Many of them wear colored contact lenses, have lip augmentation and usually wearing weird makeup. They are photographed from the best angles if their face and their photos are even photoshoped. Therefore, if you are bringing a photo, bring a real photo from a real person without Photoshop with a mild makeup from the key angles of the face (front view and profile views similar to the photos in my result gallery) so that the surgeon can get an idea.
In addition to the above points, each nose has a limitation for beautification. Consider a beautiful person with a small bony nose with a small bump on it and compare this person to someone with big meaty nose with a less overall beauty. Will these two people achieve a same result? Of course not. In conclusion bringing a photo and asking the surgeon to copy paste the nose of your favorite person on your face is far beyond reality. It is advised to not bring photo for consultation visit, if you are doing so, at least consider the above conditions.
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