lipofilling at the same time as rhinoplasty
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lipofilling at the same time as rhinoplasty

Augmentation of lips, cheeks and improving the hollowness around the eyes and correcting the facial scars are among the solutions which enhance your beauty using fat injection. This surgeries are called lipofilling. Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about lipofilling at the same time as Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job.
lipofilling at the same time as rhinoplasty
Fat injection or Lipofilling is a surgical procedure through which natural fat from your body is transferred into your facial skin to increase your beauty. This procedure helps you enhance the size of your cheeks and lips, reduce the hollowness around your eyes and correct the facial scars. This surgery results in natural beauty.
a simple procedure to increase the size of cheeks, lips, reduce the hollowness around the eye and the scars
Main applications of fat injections are enhancing the beauty of cheeks and lips


Fat can be extracted from any part of your body (usually abdomen or thighs). This surgery can be used to rejuvenate the face.
Dr. HOSNANI performs this surgery under local anesthesia or general anesthesia in case lipofilling and rhinoplasty are performed together.

Lipofilling process is as below:

1- Fat extraction: The first step is to extract the fat from the body. Abdomen and thighs are good sources of fat. Before extraction, the surgeon injects a local numbness medicine along with a medicine to control the bleeding to the extraction area. Then, a small incision is made and the fat is extracted slowly with a specific needle called cannula. This small incision is finally closed by one stitch.

2. Fat cleaning: The extracted fat is then cleaned by passing through special filters and washing by special serum to separate oil, blood and local anesthetic medicine from the fat cells.

3. Fat injection: The extracted fat is injected to the target areas (skinny parts of the face, wrinkle, etc). This step is done by tiny and precise needles. The surgeon injects small amounts of fat by each pass of the surgical needle so that the grafts of fat is readily infused with the surrounding tissue. Almost 40 percent of injected fats are successfully infused and becomes a part of the facial tissues. This 40% remain permanently in the area.

4. Repairing injections: Regarding the fact that almost 60% of the fat cells will be wasted non-infused, two other complementary injections are needed every 8 months. In other words, this surgical operation needs to be repeated for 2 more times in the interval of 8 months in order to reach the desired volume and fullness.

Recovery after fat injection

• Immediately after surgery, the cheeks are completely swollen and purple. You can go out and start your social activities after a week.
• Almost 80% of the swelling and bruising will be disappeared after 3 weeks. You can hide the remained bruising by makeup concealers.
Note: After the surgery, you might feel that the surgeon has exaggerated and has injected a lot of fat under your skin. This is a natural feeling and there is no need to worry. Since about 60 percent of the injected fat cells will not survive, the surgeon injects more fat at the beginning.

• It takes about 8 months so that the swollen cheeks alleviate. Therefore, the injection is renewed every 8 months for 2 more times so that your desired beauty can be achieved.
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