Pros and Cons of rhinoplasty
Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
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Pros and Cons of rhinoplasty

Pros and Cons of rhinoplasty, plastic surgery and nose surgery


•  More self-esteem

People who are unhappy about the appearance of their nose may suffer from low self-esteem. After undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, however, many patients report a remarkable boost in confidence. This benefit alone can be a great reason for choosing rhinoplasty.
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•  Safety and effectiveness

In general, rhinoplasty is considered as a safe surgical operation. In the hands of a skillful surgeon,side effects are very rare.

•  Better quality of Life

Breathe Easily, Sleep Better, Feel Great
At the same time as rhinoplasty (nose reshaping for better appearance), structural defects of the nose which cause breathing problems can be corrected.

•  Correction of birth defects

Nose surgery can improve both external and internal birth defects, such as a deviated septum.


•  Minor discomforts

Bruising around the eyes for the first few days, swelling of the nose for the first few months, headache, feeling of congestion are minor discomforts may occur after rhinoplasty. Learn more

•  No guarantee

There is no such thing as "guarantee" in rhinoplasty. After the surgery, nose, cartilage and nasal tissue start to react and may undergo changes that are not predictable.

•  Special Post-Op care

After surgery, you'll have to take special precautions and extra care of your nose. You might need to take anti-biotics and pain-killers to prevent infection and manage the pain. Learn more

•  It is difficult to choose a surgeon

If the result of your surgery does not turn out very well, you cannot do anything about it for a year. If you do a secondary rhinoplasty and do not like your result again, it would be very unlikely to get a successful surgery for the third and fourth time. Therefore, you need to be careful about making this choice. Learn more
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