Unhappy about the piggy apearance of the nose

Dear Dr. Hosnani; I am Iraqi lady 35 -year-old, I made a surgery with a doctor in Iran two months ago to fix the top of the nose but I did not like the result , the doctor raise a top of the nose so much and it look like very bad like a piggy appearance , and he has shaped the wings of the nose in very bad way this make my nose so ugly , and I encountered criticism by the people around me, and this lead me to leave my work and sit in the house because everyone has blamed me about the the result it is clearly fake and my nose in the past is better than that I have now . I kindly request you if I you can make a correction to my nose, and could you please tell me if there is any difficulty or any risk may reflect on my health or on the shape of my nose if I made the second surgery ? and when can I do it ? I will put my trust on you Doctor , I am really in very critical situation . I will wait your answer . Thank you in advance , and have a good luck. Kind Regards; Sahar
Dear sahar; Do not worry about your nose . it will improve wit Hin six to seven months. After this time, I can correct any problem of your nose if you wish.

Is it possible to stay one night at the clinic?

Hello, I would like to know what is the price for a secondary rhinoplasty with all the costs included such as tests,hospitalization,anestesik etc.I am living in Europe and I am considering to get a nose job in Iran. I would also like to know how long time I need to be in Iran totally,with all the pre and post operators controls.And also,because I am afraid of complications,I would like to stay one night in the hospital if it s possible.Does that costs also?Hope you can answer my questions. Best regards
Hello sa Hin; you need to stay in Iran at least for ten days. You may stay in clinic the night after surgery with no extra cost .

Asking for advice after 3 unsuccessful consultation

Dear DR. Hosnani, I am a 23-year-old Arabic young lady residing in London, United Kingdom. I have been looking for an excellent and skilled rhinoplasty surgeon for the past 5 years. I have been to three consultations before in London. Unfortunately all three were unsuccessful as the surgeons told me I have an ethnic tthick skinned (meaty) nose and they couldn t change much about it. I understand that in these Western countries they only have experience with boney (Caucasian) noses. I have looked at your website in detail and saw that you also performed surgery on meaty noses. I am very interested in your work. The problem with my nose is my side profile. My nose is very long and looks unattractive. My nose tip is very big and looks fat. I have included many pictures from the front, side(s) and bottom. I really want to change it into a smaller nose. Of course I am also being realistic and I am not expecting a VERY small nose, but a more feminine nose. I also do not want the typical nose Iranian girls have that looks like Michael Jackson with a high tip as this nose is not nice in the West. I want a very natural looking smaller nose and as long as my side profile is smaller, I would be very happy. Please let me know your honest opinion about this case so I can start getting everything planned. I am hoping to come to Iran in June. I am looking forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, Suha
Hi Dear Suha; As my colleagues said to you , the skin of your nose is thick and it is not possible to do major changes on it . but I can reduce it s size slightly and your nose will look like better than this condition . In other word, a 30% gain is ac Hievable.

Revision rhinoplasty applicant looking for feminine nose

Hi doctor I am stathis..i already send you some emails but i want to give more more details about my needs...i want a revision surgery because i want a feminem nose,i want to refine the nose especialy the tip and reduce the size of my nose...i want a small nose because i have thin face.and also straighening in front ...i have send you some fotos thrue your site...because i want your opinion about my case and what i want...i like very much your work...i.like the way you refine the noses...and i wanna come to iran to meet you...please give me your opinion....the nose is the most important feature in the face and my nose dont fit to my face... Kind regards
Hi Dear Stathis I do my best for you and I t Hink your surgery will be successful , but there is not any guarantee for the result of surgery .

Nervous about the pain of surgery!

Hi Dr. Hosnani, I recently came across your website and am interested in learning more about the process of getting a nose job. Granted I have never been under the knife for any type of operation, I am a little nervous about going through with the procedure. I am 18 years old and would have to come to Iran from California. In one of your answers to another patient you mentioned that they would have to stay in Iran for 10 days but how many days will it be for me to completely stop being in pain following the surgery? Also will there be prescribed pain killer to help live through the days following the operation? Furthermore, when my friend got her nose done she was only allowed to eat soup for ten days. Is that also part of your protocol or do you practice a different theory? Thank you so much for your help and I will you success in all your future businesses :) Sincerely, Mona Chatri
Hi Dear Mona Pain is not an important problem after surgery because my patients have no pain or have a little pain after surgery that subside by simple pain killer like Acetaminophen . Ten days after surgery you should have soft diet .

Acromegaly patient interested in rhinoplasty

Hello doktor Hosnani. My name is Lena i live in Baku. Doktor five years ago i was diagnosed with pituitary adenoma and acromegaly. And three years ago i had an operation ENDOSCOPIC ENDONASAL TRANSSPHENOIDAL REMOVAL ENDOSELLYAR PITUITARY ADENOMA. Conseguences of acromegaly have increased the features of my face and i have long been looking for a specialist to do rhinoplasty. Doktor i gotacguainted with your site read all the photos looked and i think i finally found exactly what it is looking for a specialist. Doktor after my surgery three years have passed breathing all tight if i could do a rhinoplasty......enough time has passed......and another guestion .....whether rhinoplasty provoke me again with a brain tumor......and still would like to know how much it will cost this operation......Hope the doktor and waiting for an answer and would be very grateful if you answer. In advance thank you very much for what you are doing beautiful people and give thema sense of confidence and happ─▒ness.-- Lena Sha
Hi Lena If your acromegaly has been controlled and your growth hormone is in normal range you can do r Hinoplasty . the cost of surgery ( including clinic cost ) is about 2500 US dollars . nose surgery do not any effect in your brain ( tumor ) .

Patient comes to do rhinoplasty after two unsuccessful nose surgeries

Dear Dr. Hosnani, I hope you are fine and doing well. I m a 28 year old guy from Oman and I have done two rhinoplasty procedures, the last one was performed before 2 years and I am still not satisfied with the result. I have looked at your website and I was amazed with your professional skill and amazing work. It left me speechless. I loved most of your before and after pictures and its exactly what i am looking for. I dont think that my nose needs a lot of major work but just some corrections to make it look nicer. I have always wished for a smaller and thinner nose that is straight and thin and would suit the rest of my face and your work is just what I am looking for. I hope you agree on doing my operation as soon as possible since I have attached pictures of my nose hoping that you have a brief idea of what you will be dealing with. Waiting for your reply. Best regards, Azzam
Hi Dear Azzam your nose need to some cartilage grafts w Hich will be removed from your ear or your rib . your nose will be corrected about 60 % .

Doing rhinoplasty in Iran in their vacation

We are planning to come in July while she has vacation too. Also need preparation visa and ticket issue in Tajikistan, so by July in sha Allah we would be ready to travel. The exact day I am not sure depends on flight from TJK to Iran as well, but probably end of JULY. Because of not too much time we guess we would be in Iran for 7 days maximum, is that enough? What should be done before? I mean your recommendation before surgery? Regarding the transport and hotel much appreciate if you can offer the suitable price if possible. Thank you doctor and hope we will continue our communication closely to come to solution. Best regards, Mamlakat
Hello Barakat, at the attachment of this email, please find the information you need. Best regards Dr Hamidreza Hosnani

Looking for smaller nose

Hi Dr.Hosnani, my name is shahla and i do not talk persian/arabic, only kurdish/english. I wonder if it is possible for u to make my nose so small as i want it and how much would i cost me? the reason for a very smaller nose is i will wear hjab near future and i dont like the size of my nose when i have test the hjab, i dont look nice. I look like a man hahaEmoji. So my question is: how much does it cost to make a full nose surgery? how small can u make my nose? And i wonder if there is possible for me to enter your clinic, bcoz i am useing wheelchair everyday, well a small manuell wheelchair, i can not stand and walk on my legs, so is the office small or is it possible? I have even send some pics of my self without makeup on my face and i have not photoshoped my pics at all
Hi Dear The skin of your nose is nearly thick and you can ac Hieve 70 % of your desirable result by surgery . you can come to my clinic with your wheelchair . for cost of surgery please visit : http://drhosnani.com/English/r Hinoplasty-cost.php

Can I not tape my nose after rhinoplasty?

Dear Dr. Hosnani, Hope you re doing great. My name is Bahar , and I live in Canada. I just had a nose job last week and today my doctor removed the splint and dressing from my nose. I know in Iran all the doctors recommand their patients to tape the nose after rhinoplasty for at least two months but here in Canada , my doctor didnt do it, and just gave me a spray to wash inside the nosetrills ,so Im worried if I dont tape my nose it s gonna affect on the result or not. You can answer in Farsi. Thank you very much for your time. Regards, Bahar
Hi Dear Bahar it is better to tape the nose at least two week after surgery . swelling of the nose will remove sooner with tape but the final result do not affect by tape

How long do I have to stay in Iran?

Hi, I wonder how much it will cost to get a rhinoplastysurgery done. I really want to get my nose done, but I have done two rihonplasty surgeries before in Norway, and it didnt turn out so good. The shape of my nose is not the same from the left and the right side, and I do have complications with it. If I want to get my nose done, how long do I have to stay in Iran? Because I do have to come back to Norway, so I wonder how long I have to stay there because of the tickets and stuff. Hope to get replied as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention and understanding.
Hi Dear it is better to send your photos for me then I say my opinion about your surgery . besides it is important that time of your previous surgery must be at least one year before . you should stay in Iran at least 8 days after surgery . You can see my r Hinoplasty price structure here

Two nose jobs in Sweden and still not happy

Hello Dr. Hosnani I want to ask you a questions about my nose. I have done two nose jobs in Sweden, I live in Sweden. But I m not happy with how it looks, I feel very bad about the way it looks. I ve been thinking about going to Iran and do a third nosejob. I ve been looking for a plastic surgeon in Iran, I found your website and looked at the pictures, you seem to do a very good job. I wonder if it is possible to fix my nose after my wishes? I have a big problem with my profile, my nose goes down I want a nose that goes UP I also have a big problem with the tip of my nose, and also very large in front. I will send you two pictures of how my nose looks. With kindest regards, Haurin
Hi Dear the skin of your nose is thick ( meaty nose ) . in frontal view your nose is wide and asymmetric . in lateral view there is some disproportion between dorsum and the tip of the nose . it is possible to beautify your nose about 30 % more than now

Mixed-race ethnicity rhinoplasty patient

Dear Dr. Hosnani, I am a Canadian girl of mixed-race ethnicity seeking undergo rhinoplasty surgery in the following months, preferably July. My background is European and African, and therefore I have a unique facial appearance. From what I have seen of your excellent work, I would like to begin planning a trip to Iran to undergo this procedure. I have included professional pictures of myself. What would the estimated cost of the surgery be? And what would be the required duration of my stay? Thank you for your time, Diana
Hi Dear your nose has t tthick skin ( meaty nose ) but fortunately its cartilages are strong and the result of surgery is satisfactory . tip of your nose is wide and nostrils are large . besides radix area ( connection area between nose and forehead ) is low . it is better to stay in Iran at least 10 days after surgery . for cost please see : http://drhosnani.com/English/r Hinoplasty-cost.php for more information please call my office : 00989101606292

Nasal tip still swollen, 6 years after rhinoplasty

Hi dr hosnani, I have already had 2 nose surgeries here first in 2004 and a re operation in 2008, but still it looks very bad. My nose is big and meaty and has not any symmetric shape at all like irani noses have. Also its almost 6 years ago i got my last surgery, my nosetip still gets swollen sometimes, why do u think it does that? My face is also very long do u think a nose surgery can help on that so it wont look so long? otherwise i will consider a chin /jaw reduction surgery. If i could choose a nose then i like case 54 in ur picture gallery, its perfectly symmetric and natural. I am sending my pictures and i want ur opinion and do u think u can help me. Also what are the total cost for surgery? I will come with my husband and son. Also my pictures and mail are private dont put it on ur webside plz. Thanks Kind regards B.Ali
Hi Dear It is possible to reduce the size of your nasal tip a little . In addition correction of asymmetries is possible . your nose look better after surgery but already it will not be an ideal nose and you should accept it . cost of surgery is 2700 $

Modify my picture so that I know how the outcome will probably look like

good morning dr hosnani, I live in Finland and saw that your results are awesome. How much is the range maximum->minimum of rhinoplasty at your clinic? I am asking abour price since you know that air ticket from Finland costs too much. So I will come to you if total price is less them in Europe (ranges form 1500 Euros -->7000 Euros). But your results are brilliant and we can have some sort of pictures exchange and you can modify my picture so that we know how the outcome will probably look like :). best regards, khan
Hi Dear Khan There is not any guarantee for similarity of result of surgery and digital reshaping of the nose . the range of cost is between 2500 to 2900 $ .

Transexual male to female from Malaysia seeking rhinoplasty for the third time!

hi doctor im ezriena from kuala lumpur malaysia ... im a transexual male to female and ive had twice rhinoplasty in the past and just recently had another one back in january , the first one i had my hump shaved and i liked the result but its a bit crooked from sideways because of the nature of my nose then i had another one with the same doctor by putting prosthesis but the result is not as how i expected it to be because the prosthesis that the doctor put is only at the tip or shall i say alarplasty and because my natural nose is crooked so the facial muscle movement cannot support the tip if the prosthesis is not an L shape prosthesis , and the tip move to the left or bended to the left or right when i am lying down sideways as well so im thinking of having another one and hopefully my last one and came across your website because i think i may have middle eastern nose type a bit so my first question is how much does revision cost and do u think u can fix my nose
Hi Dear the skin of your nose will not tolerate another surgery at present . after two years your nose is ready for another surgery .

Make my nose slightly slimmer

Hi doctor! If i want to make my nose slightly slimmer because i think it is little bit too big for my face, is it possible to achieve very natural and soft results. I do not want my nose to look pinched or turned upward. I want my nose to have same shape but be slightly slimmer. Can you tell me how can be its acheived?and price? If i come to visit you will you be able to show me roughly how would my nose look like after surgery. I know every nose is different but picture let you know what surgeon is intended to do and what outcome will be. Also if patient does not like the outcome what are the options for the patients? Thanks
Hi Dear I can slightly reduce the wideness of your nose but there is not any guarantee for the result of surgery .