Doing rhinoplasty in Iran in their vacation
Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
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Doing rhinoplasty in Iran in their vacation

Doing rhinoplasty in Iran in their vacation
We are planning to come in July while she has vacation too. Also need preparation visa and ticket issue in Tajikistan, so by July in sha Allah we would be ready to travel. The exact day I am not sure depends on flight from TJK to Iran as well, but probably end of JULY. Because of not too much time we guess we would be in Iran for 7 days maximum, is that enough? What should be done before? I mean your recommendation before surgery? Regarding the transport and hotel much appreciate if you can offer the suitable price if possible. Thank you doctor and hope we will continue our communication closely to come to solution. Best regards, Mamlakat
Dr. Hosnani's Answer
Hello Barakat, at the attachment of this email, please find the information you need. Best regards Dr Hamidreza Hosnani