Two nose jobs in Sweden and still not happy
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Two nose jobs in Sweden and still not happy

Two nose jobs in Sweden and still not happy
Hello Dr. Hosnani I want to ask you a questions about my nose. I have done two nose jobs in Sweden, I live in Sweden. But I m not happy with how it looks, I feel very bad about the way it looks. I ve been thinking about going to Iran and do a third nosejob. I ve been looking for a plastic surgeon in Iran, I found your website and looked at the pictures, you seem to do a very good job. I wonder if it is possible to fix my nose after my wishes? I have a big problem with my profile, my nose goes down I want a nose that goes UP I also have a big problem with the tip of my nose, and also very large in front. I will send you two pictures of how my nose looks. With kindest regards, Haurin
Dr. Hosnani's Answer
Hi Dear the skin of your nose is thick ( meaty nose ) . in frontal view your nose is wide and asymmetric . in lateral view there is some disproportion between dorsum and the tip of the nose . it is possible to beautify your nose about 30 % more than now