Nasal tip still swollen, 6 years after rhinoplasty
Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
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Nasal tip still swollen, 6 years after rhinoplasty

Nasal tip still swollen, 6 years after rhinoplasty
Hi dr hosnani, I have already had 2 nose surgeries here first in 2004 and a re operation in 2008, but still it looks very bad. My nose is big and meaty and has not any symmetric shape at all like irani noses have. Also its almost 6 years ago i got my last surgery, my nosetip still gets swollen sometimes, why do u think it does that? My face is also very long do u think a nose surgery can help on that so it wont look so long? otherwise i will consider a chin /jaw reduction surgery. If i could choose a nose then i like case 54 in ur picture gallery, its perfectly symmetric and natural. I am sending my pictures and i want ur opinion and do u think u can help me. Also what are the total cost for surgery? I will come with my husband and son. Also my pictures and mail are private dont put it on ur webside plz. Thanks Kind regards B.Ali
Dr. Hosnani's Answer
Hi Dear It is possible to reduce the size of your nasal tip a little . In addition correction of asymmetries is possible . your nose look better after surgery but already it will not be an ideal nose and you should accept it . cost of surgery is 2700 $