Laser In Rhinoplasty
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Laser In Rhinoplasty

Where does the laser technology stand in rhinoplasty application? Is the miraculous result of laser in the field of eye surgeries and treatments of some diseases expectable in rhinoplasty as well? Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about laser application in Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job. A laser can be used to make skin incisions but van laser remove a bony hump? Will laser cut cartilage or bone.

Could you please explain about the application of laser in rhinoplasty?

Dr. Hosnani: The question of laser has been asked very frequently in almost every TV program I attend. You know, the application of Laser has been very advanced in many fields of medicine. For example, in ophthalmology, the advances of laser is stunning. Some achievements are miraculous. But in the field of rhinoplasty, the advances of laser is not significant. In the other words, there is no such thing as doing rhinoplasty by laser. In the rhinoplasty, laser can only be used to make some small incisions. Laser cannot reform the bone, cartilage and nasal tissue.
Performing rhinoplasty by laser is dream of nose surgeons. We hope that in the near future, rhinoplasty can be done without needing to touch the nose! However, rhinoplasty by laser is just a misleading propaganda at the time being.
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