rhinoplasty procedure
Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
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rhinoplasty procedure

Get familiar with the nose surgery procedure step by step. Transfer to the operating room, anesthesia, surgery, recovery, hospitalization and release are the steps you takes for a rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job
On the daye of surgery, after reception you will be asked to fill up a few forms. After half an hour, you will be transferred to the operating room. The anesthesiologist asks you a few questions and talks to you friendly. You keep talking until you begin your journey to the world of anesthesia.
transfering to the operating room
Featured case, Esmeralda, being transfered to the operating room


Right before the anesthesia begins, an oxygen mask will be put on your nose and mouth and you will be asked to breathe through it to increase the oxygen level of your blood to some extent. Gas induction may be performed at the same time. The anesthesia medications can be given Intravenously or using the anesthesia Mask. More details
Anesthesia mask


Dr. HOSNANI starts the rhinoplasty by a making a small incision at the base of the nose right between the two nostrils. Then, he extends the incisions to the internal parts of the nose. Skin of the nose is then removed off the nasal tissue so that the bone and cartilage is accessible for reshaping by the surgeon.
rhinoplasty incisions
Open rhinoplasty starts with a small incision on the columella

Removal of the dorsal hump

Removal of the dorsal hump is done with the aid of a hammer and a chisel-like device called an osteotome.
rhinoplasty osteotomy
Medial osteotomy being performed during rhinoplasty

Filing (rasping)

Next step is filing the nasal bone with a rasp. This step has to be done with a great care. The surgeon touches the top of the nose continuously keeping the look at the pre-surgery photos to realize how much further he should file.
Filing is used to fine tune the shape of bone and cartilage right after medial osteotomy.

lateral osteotomy (cutting the nasal bone from the sides)

After filing is finished, it is the time for the lateral osteotomy. The purpose of lateral osteotomy is to narrow the bony base of the nose, after the dorsal hump correction. The doctor gives the hammer to his assistant and holds the chisel-like device himself and cuts the nasal bones from the sides accurately. Then relocates the bones inward by fingers.
lateral osteotomy
external percutaneous lateral osteotomy

Artwork on the cartilage

It is interesting to know that the hump is not thrown away after removal. The surgeon reshapes this cartilage in millimeters and reforms the other part of the nose with that. Nasal tip is strengthened and reshaped by this cartilage to achieve a natural and beautiful result.
artwork on cartilage
Artwork on cartilage for nose reshaping

Closing the incision

Once the underlying structure of the nose is sculpted to the desired shape, nasal skin is redraped and incisions are sutured.
closing incisions

Your nose right after surgery

This photo shows the nose of Amal, right after surgery. Very beautiful and as natural as she wanted.
nose right after rhinoplasty
Featured case, Amal, immediately after rhinoplasty
nose surgery
Featured case, Esmeralda, immediately after rhinoplasty

Packing the new nose!

After surgery is finished, packing is inserted inside the nose to prevent bleeding. Nasal splint is put on the nose and the dressing under the nose.
nose packing

Awaking from the anesthesia

The nurse removes the LMA tube out of your mouth and calls you to wake up. Although you may be very thirsty right after you wake up, you are not allowed to drink water. A few droplets of water by a sterile disposable dropper on you lips at this time is very refreshing. You then wake up and opens your eyes. A few minutes later, you are asked to move yourself to another bed to be transferred to the recovery room.
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