Your success rate of plastic surgery
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Your success rate of plastic surgery

Dr. HOSNANI quoted a 60% success rate about my rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job. What do these percentages mean?
Your success rate
Your success rate of plastic surgery
Many of the rhinoplasty applicants have this question for their doctor and are more interested to receiving a response in percent.
To answer this question, first thing we need to know is it is difficult to determine the success rate of surgery in percent, because each person has a different understanding of these rates. For example if a 60 percent success rate is quoted to a patient, she might ask immediately “what does it mean? Does it mean that my nose will probably be bad at 40 percent?!” Not at all. The surgeon does not mean that. To make it clear, we need to know that only in a perfectly beautiful face a perfectly beautiful nose is possible. Therefore a 100 percent result is only possible if the beauty of face is 100 percent standard.
Moreover, each nose has its own capability of being beautiful. For example a person with a meaty nose will never achieve a result similar to a person with small cartilaginous nose. Considering the above points, if someone with a meaty nose receives a 40 percent success rate, it means that the beauty WILL increase, but if we rate an ideal perfect nose on your face as 100, you will achieve 40.
40 % success rate
It is obvious that a 40 percent success rate does not mean that nose will not be beautiful. Also, it does not mean that the shape of nose will be bad. It means that the beauty will be increased, but 40 out of 100. It is also worth to mention that this 40 percent will only be achieved in the hand of the best surgeons.
To make it clearer, an 80 percent success rate does not mean that the surgery will go wrong at 20 percent probability; but it means that the beauty of the nose will be 80 out of 100. Some people think that the 100 percent result will be achievable with a second surgery. This is not true either. These rating are quoted to specify the best achievable results.
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