Unreal advertisements and marketing hype about rhinoplasty
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Unreal advertisements and marketing hype about rhinoplasty

There are sayings that some surgeons make such claims as surgery without tampon, splint or laser. Are these all true? Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about unreal advertisements about Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job.
Some surgeon claim that they perform surgery without splint, without tampon and with the aid of laser, but they charge more. What is your opinion about these.

Dr. Hosnani's answer:

Words like rhinoplasty without nasal splint, with the aid of laser, without pain and bleeding are heard from around. I do not think a real surgeon says such words, because they are not true. After surgery, it is necessary to put nasal splint or the nasal cast on the nose, otherwise the side effects of the surgery will increase. Laser has no application in nasal plastic surgery. I have not heard that any of our coworker surgeons make such promises in exchange for receiving more money. Such promises as use of laser or not using cast, cannot be made. I have not heard a surgeon make such promises, I just heard from the patients and it may be a rumor.
Laser has its specific application in the field of ear, nose and throat. But it is useless for reshaping in the nose. There has not been any rhinoplasty surgery done with laser so far.
Nasal tampon is a different thing, whether or not the nasal tampon is effective is under discussion. Nose surgery without cast, with laser and saying like “this technique is currently been done in the United States and I am the only one in Iran, who is using the same technique” are advertising words.

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