Breathing Problems following rhinoplasty plastic surgery
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Breathing Problems following rhinoplasty plastic surgery

No if the following considerations are taken into account:
• Nasal septum deviation is completely fixed.
• Internal and external turbinates of the nose are strengthened by the cartilage.
• Polyps are removed.
• Reduction of turbinates are done correctly.
If all of the requirements are met even if the nose size is reduced, breathing problem will not happen. The patient’s breathing will even be improved after rhinoplasty. Breathing problem only occurs if a surgeon does not use proper techniques and does not have enough skill.

People usually think that breathing problem is inevitable after rhinoplasty. Is that true?

No, breathing problem following rhinoplasty is more a matter of exception than a matter of law. Following rhinoplasty, even if the size of nose is reduced, breathing of the person has to be improved as long as proper techniques are used.

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