Anesthesia for rhinoplasty plastic surgery
Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
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Anesthesia for rhinoplasty plastic surgery

Anesthesia is one of the major concerns of people who decide to do nose surgery. Do they really have to worry? Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI.
Anesthesia for rhinoplasty plastic surgery
Anesthesia is one of the major concerns of many applicants who e-mail Dr. HOSNANI and ask for medical advice about rhinoplasty.
This fear is mostly related to the common beliefs and imaginations about anesthesia. Parvin, 44, expressed her concern about the effect of anesthesia on memory. Neda, 31-year-old who has the experience of appendectomy under general anesthesia remembered that she had feeling of weakness after the surgery. Mitra, 30-year-old has been thinking about doing a rhinoplasty for 3 years, but every time gave it up due to the fear of anesthesia and ended up suffering her problem of nasal deviated septum. Soraya went far beyond her over-imagination and said that she has the fear of death under anesthesia.
Such unreasonable fears might have been realistic in the past. Because in the past, not too far ago, common anesthetic medicines used to come with high risk and side effects. However, as medical science is advanced and due to the remarkable achievements in the field of anesthesia, those medicines are outdated now. New generations of anesthetic medicines with great safety are available now.
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Anesthesia: a safe procedure

In addition to the low risk and advanced medications, today, thanks to the advanced monitoring systems in operating room, well-trained doctors and highly-experienced medical personnel who take care of the patients continually during the surgery; anesthesia is a quite safe procedure.
You obey the following pieces of advice and you will not even experience such minor side effects as feeling of nausea after rhinoplasty.
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Advanced monitoring systems

A safe anesthesia: Advice to follow

1- Do not eat or drink at least 8 hours before the surgery. If your stomach is full during the anesthesia, its content may eject through the respiratory tracts. Although, presence of a plastic tube in your throat during the surgery reduces the risk; if your stomach is not empty, the risk still exists.
2- During the visits before surgery, inform your doctor about your illnesses, bad drinking habits, smoking habits and so on without embarrassment.
3- Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery. The earlier you stop, the better. Smoking reduces oxygen level in your blood and may cause breathing problem during the surgery.

Welcome to the operating room

Before the surgery begins, an anesthesiologist visits you and asks a few questions. Right before you fall asleep, you usually meet Dr. HOSNANI again to finalize everything about your nose and desired results.
Featured case, Amal, right before anesthesia

Anesthesia begins with an injection

First, a narrow plastic tube will be inserted into your blood vessel with the aid of a metallic needle. The needle is then removed and the fine plastic tube remains in your vessel. This way, any kind of serum or liquid that your body may need will be introduced into your blood before, during or after nose surgery without needing for the re-injection.
Next, right before the anesthesia begins, an oxygen mask will be put on your nose and mouth and you will be asked to breathe through it to increase the oxygen level of your blood to some extent.
anesthesia angiocath
Angiocath is a narrow plastic tube inserted into your blood vessel with the aid of a metallic needle

Breathing while unconscious

You cannot breathe normally and on your will during the anesthesia while you are unconscious, because your respiratory muscles cannot keep the breathing airways open. For that reason, before the surgery, a soft plastic tube is inserted into your throat and is connected to the artificial respiration apparatus to provide the necessary oxygen of your body in a controlled manner.
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Featured case, Amal, at the beginning of the anesthesia
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