Recovery period of rhinoplasty
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Recovery period of rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty, you need one week rest to recover. After that you may take a flight and travel back to your country. Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about recovery period of Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job.
Recovery period
Recovery period of rhinoplasty
Most patient pass the recovery period of rhinoplasty easily. Minor complications like feeling of headache and nasal congestion is normal after any nose surgery. Nose swallows, the area around the eyes bruises, and this bruising may even increase during the first two or three days after surgery. After one week however, swelling and bruising will subside significantly.

Resting after rhinoplasty.

The patient has to take one whole week off from the school or work.

Returning to the society

One day after surgery, you may start your daily activities at home. If you don’t mind going out with the bruising, you may go out with your friend for pleasuring activities.
One week after surgery, after removal of the splint and sutures, you may resume your social activities with confidence. Go to the restaurant and meet the friends. Bruising will subside after one week or fade away significantly. You may hide the remaining bruising with a concealar.
Some people prefer to go out without nasal tape. If so you do so, you should wait for one more week.

Final result of rhinoplasty

One week after nose surgery, when the nasal cast is off, you will be given a mirror to see the shape of your nose. Although the nose is swallowed, many patients (especially those with cartilaginous nose) will be impressed by the beauty of their nose. People with thick skin nose, might think that their nose is not small enough and may feel a little uncomfortable. But the nose is still swallowed and will be more beautiful.
Nostrils may look a little asymmetrical, which is due to the nasal swelling. Intense swellings will subside in 3 months. Final result of rhinoplasty usually takes 6 months to reveal. The more the thickness of your nasal skin, the later the swelling will subside and it takes longer to see the final results.
People with meaty nose has to wait for at least one year to achieve the final result.
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