How to Tape Your Nose after rhinoplasty
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How to Tape Your Nose after rhinoplasty

Is it necessary to tape the nose after surgery? What is the purpose of nose taping following rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job?
Tape your nose
How to Tape Your Nose after rhinoplasty
How long after rhinoplasty you should tape your nose?
After the nose surgery the patients are advised to tape their nose for for at least 2 weaks.

Nose taping has 2 benefits:

• Swelling reduction
• Better forming of the nose

During the first two weeks, the surgery tapes influence both swelling and forming. From the second week on however, the nose tapes are applied just to reduce the swelling.
Moreover, nose tape is kind of an alarm for the people around you to be careful with you. When you wear nose tapes on, you warn your friends to avoid touching your nose, avoid playing practical jokes with your nose or doing a rough horseplay which may harm your nose.

Instruction for Proper nose taping

1- Wash your nose and cheek with warm water and mild soap or with a cotton pad and alcohol. Using a soft towel, blot dry your face gently to remove any excess water. Wait for 5-10 minute so that the skin dries out completely.

nose taping 01
2- Use a proper nose tape and put it in a tape holder for the convenience of use. Depending on the size of your nose, use a 10-12 cm strip and wrap it under your nose in a U shaped movement.
nose taping 02
nose taping 05
Don’t let the tape cover the nostrils.
The middle part of the tape should be placed under the nasal tip and pressed up onto the sides of the nose so that it properly places on it. The two upper corners of the tape have to be continued to near the under eyes. This tape is intended to support the tip and prevent the newly sculpted nose from drooping.

taping 4
taping 7
3- Use 3 pieces of 3-5 cm lateral nose tapes from bridge to tip making sure they overlap each other. Rub the tapes smoothly and securely place them on the nose.
taping 8
taping 9
4- Again, apply another layer of lateral tapes on the previous layer and rub slightly so that the new pieces of tape tightly sit on the old ones.
taping 10
5- Finally trim the small projecting portion of the tape from the tip by a scissor.
taping 11

Video on how to tape nose after rhinoplasty

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