Open or Closed method of rhinoplasty
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Open or Closed method of rhinoplasty

What do open and closed rhinoplasty techniques mean? What is the differences between the two? Which technique is more appropriate?
Making changes on the framework of nose is necessary for a rhinoplasty procedure. The surgeon’s blade has to reach underneath of the skin to reform the bone and cartilage of the nose. The surgeon does not reshape the skin.
To reach the bone and cartilage two methods are available:
•  Open rhinoplasty: This technique begins with making a small incision between the two nostrils.
Open rhinoplasty
•  Closed rhinoplasty: In this method, all incisions are made in the internal parts of the nose.
Closed rhinoplasty
In both methods, skin is elevated off the nasal tissue. In open method, the surgeon has a better vision and can apply more complicated changes on the nose. Advantage of close method is that the incisions are repaired faster and there is no scar. Success rate of the closed method is not necessarily lower than the open method; in some cases, the results are even better. Making choices between these two methods depends on the hand of surgeon and the extent of changes. In other words, depending on how skillful the surgeon is on either of the two methods and depending on the type of necessary changes, based on the preference of the patient, one of these methods are chosen.
In general open method is more popular. Because it fulfills the expectations of the patients better and gives the surgeon a better capability to apply complicated changes. If the patient does not want to have scars on their nose, (even for a limited period of time) and does not request for intense changes, the close method is preferred.
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