Mental considerations about rhinoplasty
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Mental considerations about rhinoplasty

Is rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job a good way for changing the mood and making changes to the life?
Mental considerations
Mental considerations about rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty for change of mood!

Most surgeons sometimes meet applicants who have beautiful nose and their nose is already in good shape. Nevertheless, they request to do the surgery and insist on that. Why would you consider doing a nose job?
• I want to change my face.
•  I want to change my mood.
•  I had an unsuccessful marriage and I want to forget my previous life.
•  I want to be perfect.
•  I want to be better than my friends.
mental considerations

The nose has to have a problem if you are considering rhinoplasty.

Usually people with nasal deviation, crooked nose, nasal hump and big nose consider rhinoplasty. Nose surgery is not a good solution for people who want to change their mood. Many of such patients have mental problem. Some patients do not accept their appearance no matter how perfect the rhinoplasty is performed for them. Some of them have borderline characteristics. Some patients are self-absorbed and so obsessed about their own appearance that they consider themselves superior to other people. Some patients have depression problem. Doing rhinoplasty for such patients is a big mistake.
Not only for rhinoplasty, before any cosmetic surgery and making any change on your appearance by plastic surgeries, is it necessary to visit psychologist first. Because if you have a mental problem like borderline, narcissistic and depression problem and do not cure them before nose surgery, the consequences will be irrecoverable.
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