Beauty Criteria: what to expect about rhinoplasty plastic surgery
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Beauty Criteria: what to expect about rhinoplasty plastic surgery

How does a beautiful nose look like? Is there any special standard or definition for the beautiful nose? Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job.
Beauty criteria
Beauty Criteria: what to expect about rhinoplasty plastic surgery

Harmonious Balance of facial features
Size and length of nose
Relationship between the nose, the lips and the chin
Nose deviation
Relationship between nose and the eyes
Width of the nose
Bottom of the nose
Height of the nose
Back of the nose
The angle between nose and lip
Nose can be beautiful while it is still looking natural. Beauty and naturalness of the nose should not be at the mercy of each other. Harmonious balance of facial features is achievable through nose reshaping.
The concept of beauty has different interpretations in different cultures. Nowadays though, with presence of the global media, people's tastes and conceptions about beautiful nose have become closer to each other throughout the world. This fact has enabled the science of plastic surgery to devise globally acceptable scientific standards based on which, enhancing the beauty of the nose and keeping the balance between the nose and other facial features can be practiced. Nevertheless, in a plastic surgery, the patient's opinion and aesthetic appeals are tried to be considered as long as they do not violate the standards.

The most important determining factor in the success of a nose reshaping plastic surgery is the thickness of nasal skin.
In those who have thin-skinned nose, smallest asymmetry will be revealed through the skin. On the other hand, in those with thick-skinned nose (who have so called "Meaty noses") the changes are not much obvious. The best candidates for plastic surgery of nose, therefore, are those who have average nasal skin thickness.

In aesthetic plastic surgery of nose, in order to follow the standards of nose beauty, the surgeon applies some changes on the configuration of the bone and the cartilage of the nose. In some cases, after the surgery is done and while the tissue repair is naturally under process, the nose may undergo some changes which are not fully under the control of the surgeon. In general, 90% of the changes are under the surgeon's control but 10% of the changes are not. In such cases, a second surgery may be required and is performable on demand of the patient to improve the unwanted changes.

Statistical analysis of nose and face of the people who look beautiful to the society have provided some universally acceptable standards for the aesthetic surgeon which if followed, the outcome will usually be desirable to the taste of the patients themselves and their families and friends as well. Harmonious Balance of facial features
The face has to have three equal third which are:
1- From forehead hairline to eyebrows
2- From eyebrows to the bottom of the nose
3- From the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin
The lowest third of face has itself another thirds one of which is the area between the bottom of the nose and the top of upper lip. If the face is not configured according to these equal thirds, the beauty is affected.
face thirds
Size and length of the nose
The length of the nose is referred to the distance between points R and T at the figure below. This length has to be equal to the distance between the points S and M
size and length of nose
Relationship between the nose, the lips and the chin
If we imagine a horizontal line drawn on the face from the eyes to the top of the ear cavities then a vertical line from the tip of the upper lip perpendicular to the above line, the tip of the lower lip has to be 2 millimeters behind the vertical line and the chin has to be in parallel with the tip of the lower lip in men and a little behind it in women.
lip to chin
Straight nose
The nose has to be fully situated on the line which is drawn from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the chin.
straight nose
Relationship between the nose and the eyes
imagine a curved line drawn from the end of the eyebrow to the middle of the nose which continues to the nasal base. On each side of the nose, this curve has to be drawable without breakage.
nose and eyes
Width of the nose
Width of the nasal base (from outside of each nostril to nostril) has to be equal to distance between inner eye corners. Width of the nasal bridge has to be 80% of the width of the nasal base
width of the nose
Nostrils from the bottom view of the nose
Size of the nasal cavities have to be two times bigger than the distance between the top of the cavities to the tip of the nose.
height of the nose
The distance between the tip of the nose and the face is called the height of the nose. Height of the nose (distance between nasal tip and the face in side view) has to be almost 67% of the length of the nose (distance between radix and tip in the side view).
height of the nose
Height of the nose has to be equal to the width of the nose.
The dorsum
If we draw a line from root of the nose to the tip of the nose, the dorsum has to be 2mm before this line in women and situated on this line in men.
the dorsum
The angle between lip and nose
The angle between the line which connects up and down of the nasal cavity and the line which is perpendicular to the upper lip is called the nose and lip angle. This angle has to be 95-100 degree in women and 90-95 degree in men.
nasolabial angle
Nasolabial angle
If you draw a line the bottom of the nose and then a line at the tip of the nose, the angle between these two lines has to be 30-45 degree.
nose angles

In the above paragraphs a few limited standards of beautiful nose and face were introduced. However, there are tens of other standards which if followed by the surgeon, the aesthetic appeal of the individual will be fulfilled in the eye of majority of the society beholders. Bring it all together; beauty is subject to a lot of science rather than a pure taste.
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