Primary rhinoplasty, Nose surgery for first time
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Primary rhinoplasty, Nose surgery for first time

What is rhinoplasty? How is that performed? What kind of people are advised to do that? The headlines and the most important things you need to know about nose surgery are summarized at this page. Primary rhinoplasty is accomplished by reshaping bone and cartilage from beneath the skin covering the nose. In some cases, cartilage grafts are added to help remodel the nasal framework.
Primary rhinoplasty
Primary rhinoplasty, Nose surgery for first time
primary rhinoplasty or regular rhinoplasty are the terms used when a nasal cosmetic surgery procedure is going to be done on an untouched nose.
primary rhinoplasty

Primary rhinoplasty

If you have never done a rhinoplasty before in the past, the nasal plastic surgery on your nose is going to be called primary rhinoplasty. On the contrary, if you have already done rhinoplasty before, your surgery will be called secondary or revision rhinoplasty.
Primary rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty differ in some points. Applicants of primary rhinoplasty have intact cartilage and bone and their nasal structure has not been changed before. Therefore, it offers easier surgery to the surgeon. On the contrary, patients who have already done rhinoplasty before, have probably weak cartilages which does not allow the surgeon to offer dramatic changes.
Additional cartilage grafting may be necessary and the cartilage can be harvested from back of the ear or the rib. During the primary rhinoplasty the surgeon will not need to deal with scar tissue. On the other hand, during a revision rhinoplasty, scar tissue will add another complexity.
Due to the fact that revision rhinoplasty is always more complex, it requires more experience for the surgeon to achieve better results. Revision rhinoplasty is usually performed to correct something that did not turn out as you expected from the primary or first rhinoplasty. It would be better to choose an experienced surgeon whose revision rate is lower. It is obvious that if you accomplish what you want during a primary rhinoplasty, it would be much better.
In conclusion, primary rhinoplasty is the surgery which is performed on first timers and revision rhinoplasty is intended to modify an unsuccessful primary nasal surgery which has been done in the past.
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