Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
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Same video in Arabic

Same video in Farsi

Animation of Dr. HOSNANI's rhinoplasty procedure

In this video, nose surgery by Dr. HOSNANI is shown in animation. You may download the animation from the following link: Download animation
Rhinoplasty clip in Arabic

Rhinoplasty clip in persian

Open rhinoplasty nose surgery video

In this video, open rhinoplasty nose surgery, performed by Dr. HOSNANI in Iran (Tehran), is shown with clear English narration.

☞ Attention - Attention ☜ Nasal skin dissection and transection scenes are explicitely shown in this video that might not be appropriate for touchy people. Please do not watch this video, if you are a sensitive person!

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This video is also available on youtube
Nose taping video in Arabic

Nose taping video in Persian

How to tape nose after rhinoplasty

In this video, proper nose taping technique will be teached by Dr. HOSNANI both practically at the office (in Iran) and in animation. Nose taping is mandatory during the first two weeks after the nose surgery and is effective on swelling reduction and better forming of the nose.

For more details about nose taping technique, benefits, step by step instruction, question and answer, visit nose taping page.
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