rhinoplasty in Iran: story of Cyra
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rhinoplasty in Iran: story of Cyra

Story of Cyra
rhinoplasty in Iran: story of Cyra
Cyra is a girl who has traveled to Iran from Australia. She has a hump on her nose and she wants to straighten her deviated septum and lift her nasal tip. She has ample opportunity to talk to the doctor about her desired results and makes sure to ask as many as questions she needs to.
cyra from Australia
After physical examination, the doctor shows before and after photos of previous patients to her including 2 sisters who had done surgery in a same day, one of them requesting semi-fancy nose and the other one a natural nose. Cyra however, decides something in between and agrees with the doctor about that.
Cyra is being prepared for rhinoplasty and the doctor’s staff make sure that the patient has learnt everything she needs to know about the rhinoplasty procedure, what to do the night before surgery and the post-operative cares.
learn about rhinoplasty
It is the operating room and the surgery is about to begin. The surgeon explains to the patient about his plan and talks to her again. Your expectations are also recorded in written for more accuracy and for further reference in the future. Surgery is done. It is time to wake up and some exercises!
Cyra in operating room
Cyra is explaining her desired results to Dr Hosnani before operation
The doctor is there to check on you until you finish. Depending on the type of your nose, you may notice the difference following removal of the nasal splint and the bandages, which is one week after surgery, or it may take months to notice the result.
excersize after rhinoplasty
Cyra is moving her legs to regulate her heart rate after rhinoplasty

cyra after 3 months
Cyra: Before and after nose surgery

Cyra after rhinoplasty
Cyra: 3 months after rhinoplasty

France 24 report about plastic surgery in Iran
France 24 report about plastic surgery in Iran
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