Proper age for nasal plastic surgery
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Proper age for nasal plastic surgery

What is the proper age for rhinoplasty? Is 16 years enough for doing rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job?
Proper age
Proper age for nasal plastic surgery
Minimum age for rhinoplasty is 16 years for girls and 18 years for boys.
There is age limit for doing rhinoplasty. Nose surgery only can be done, when the growth of face and body is complete.
At the ages of below 16 for girls and below 18 for boys, the growth of face and nose is not complete. Therefore any operation on the nose may have negative effect on the growth of face. For more clarification, there are some cartilages inside the nose, which are called growth cartilages. These growth cartilages, as the name implies, control and manage the growth rate of nose and the middle part of face. Any manipulation and operation on the growth cartilages in the growth phase of human, may cause facial deformities. For example, middle part of the face stops growing, while other parts of the face will grow! The face will get a curve and turns to the shape of a plate as the result.
For rhinoplasty, Minimum age is 16 years for the girls and 18 years for the boys.
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