Proper Foods after rhinoplasty plastic surgery
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Proper Foods after rhinoplasty plastic surgery

Proper Foods after rhinoplasty, plastic surgery and nose surgery. The important point is to start eating gradually after surgery. For the first night, you are advised to eat soft foods. Avoid hot and spicy foods for one week.
Proper foods
Proper Foods after rhinoplasty plastic surgery
After you are back from the recovery to the hospitalization unit, you may be advised not to start drinking for a few minutes.
eating after rhinoplasty
One hour after recovering from the anesthesia, you will be allowed to start with small amount of water. Then you can have a juice (except for acidic huices) and a soft cake.

During the day of the surgery

Do not eat hard foods. Have soft foods like chicken soup, baked or mashed potato or cooked vegetables.
Avoid any food that cause indigestion for you. Do not drink milk.
Avoid pepper and spicy foods.
To promote normal bowel movements, include some fiber in your diet .
Drink plenty of fluids.
Avoid acidic juices (like orange juice) because they might irritate your stomach. Go for mango juice or pineapple juice instead.
Do not eat hard to chew foods.

During the first week

Recovery period after rhinoplasty is one week. During this one week, most patients spend the majority of their time in their hotel rooms.
Many patients stop eating properly due to the lack of appetite or for the fear of nausea or vomiting. Some of them are lazy to wash fresh fruit and prepare foods for themselves. Some of them keep staying on their weight-loss diet. Please bear in mind that: Your body needs calories for proper healing
One day before surgery, ask your travel guide take you to shopping so that you buy fruits and a big box of mineral water. You need to drink plenty of water during this week. Make sure you have a small knife and dish to chop the fruits.
It is recommended to stay in a hotel that is equipped with kitchen so you can wash fruits and make fresh foods. The less processed foods you eat the better. However, if you are not in the mood for cooking, you can buy canned food. Just boil them for 20 minutes and eat.
Do not use straw, because it will cause pain in your nose.
You can always order food from the hotel's restaurant or nearby caterings. There is no special food limit from the second day on after surgery. Just do not to eat very hot and spicy meals. Hard foods should be avoided. Do not bite sandwiches for at least two weeks.

List of recommended Iranian foods

1- Chicken soup (Soope morgh) سوپ مرغ
سوپ مرغ
2- Chicken stew (Khorak morgh) خوراک مرغ
خوراک مرغ
3- smashed potato (olivieh) سالاد الویه
5- Trout ماهی
7- Ground kabab (Kabab koobideh) کباب کوبیده
8- Stew Stuffing (khoresh Gheimeh) قیمه
9- Stew fricassee (khoresh Ghormeh sabzi) قرمه سبزی
Roast chicken (Joojekabab) جوجه کباب
Rice with chicken چلو مرغ
Beans , rice and muscle باقالا پلو با ماهیچه
Macaroni ماکارونی
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