Taking Flight After Rhinoplasty
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Taking Flight After Rhinoplasty

Many of Dr. HOSNANI`s rhinoplasty applicants are passengers who have traveled a long way from their countries to Iran for doing this surgery. How long after operation one can take a flight is the question of many of them. Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job.
Many of our patients travel from foreign countries or far provinces of Iran to Tehran. The question of taking flight after rhinoplasty is frequently asked as the result. My advice is not to take a flight for at least one week after surgery. Because during the first week after surgery, it is very important to rest. During this week, the nasal tissue is being repaired and healing process is undergoing very fast.
Pressure drop due to the altitude change on the airplane may cause bleeding if the flight is taken before one week. In some cases though, when this flight is absolutely necessary for the patient, 48 hours after surgery, the patient will be allowed to take flight for inbound trips at their own risk.
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