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What to do after rhinoplasty?

Please read the following pieces of advice and follow them carefully after the nose plastic surgery to achieve the best results. It is recommended that you have this list available with you and start following it since the surgery day.

Do not blow your nose for 3 weeks. You may use medical dressing such as sterile gauze to gently remove the dirt.
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nose blowing is prihibited after nose surgery for 3 weeks
You may change your nasal dressing (sterile gauze) until the oozing stops.

Nasal splint (nasal plaster) will remain on your nose at least for one week.
Do not manipulate or displace the nasal splint and keep it dry.

After the nasal plastic surgery, avoid intense physical activity for one month.

After the rhinoplasty, do not eat foods that need long time chewing. There will be no other nutritional limitation except for this one

After the nasal plastic surgery, take more rest and avoid sexual activity for 10 days.

After nose surgery brush your teeth gently with a soft brush for a while.

Do not touch the upper lip.

Stop taking such pain killers as Ibuprofen and Aspirin, from 2 weeks before the surgery until 2 weeks after the surgery.
Avoid long time telephone conversations for 10-14 days.

You may wash your face as long as you take good care of your bandage and splint. Bathing and washing other parts of the body is allowed.

Horselaugh and intense facial movement is prohibited for one week.

Do not wash your hair for one week, unless another person does it for you. Never wet your nasal splint.

For one week, only wear clothes which buttons up and down from rear and front. Do not wear T-shirst, jackets and big-collared jackets.

Avoid intense sun light for 6 weeks. Heat may induce nasal inflation.

Do not swim for one month.

Do not worry about inflation, color change of nose, eyes and lips which appear after bandage removal as they are natural and will disappear in 2-3 weeks.
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