Bruising Around Eyes following rhinoplasty plastic surgery
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Bruising Around Eyes following rhinoplasty plastic surgery

Why does bruising and swellings of eyelids happen after rhinoplasty? Are these normal? How long does it take for all these to disappear? Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job.
Bruising around eyes
Bruising Around Eyes following rhinoplasty plastic surgery
Bruising around the eyes is one of the main concerns of rhinoplasty applicants. Bruising appears in different forms, from pale yellowish color to dark black swelling around the eyes. Rhinoplasty applicants are worried about this and express fear. The truth is, bruising and darkening of the skin around the eyes after nose surgery are normal and they fade away rapidly after one week. So you do not need to worry about it.
amal bruising
Bruising around the eyes of Amal, 4 days after surgery
Esmeralda bruising
Bruising around the eyes of Esmeralda, 4 days after surgery

What is the reason of bruising after rhinoplasty?

Bruising occurs as the blood leaks from microcapillaries to the tissue underneath the skin. Depending on the extent of operations on the nasal bones, the applied technique and also the integrity of blood coagulation system in patient, degree of bruising varies from person to person.

Points to consider to reduce bruising:

•  Cold compress is necessary during the first 48-hours.
•  Cold compress makes the veins and microcapillaries narrow and reduces the swelling and bruising.
•  Cold compress has to be applied on the face, covering the chicks and the area round the eyes in intervals.
•  If icing is causing headache, stop it.
amal icing
Amal is using jelly ice as cold compress
For 3 days to one week after the surgery, head has to be placed elevated at a 60-degree angle to the body.
When resting, put two pillows under the head.
Do not take Aspirin or any other painkillers (except for acetaminophen and codeine which are allowed pain killers) Do not consume alcohol, plant based complimentary nutrients and cigarettes. These act as blood thinner and increase the risk of bleeding underneath the skin, which result to bruising.

What foods should I eat to accelerate healing process of bruising?

Follow your normal food diet. Do not consume weird blends and nutrients, which are advised by friends and family.
Do not listen to non-medical sources and people. Most of what they advise for reducing the bruising and swelling is not true.
Do not take any medicine, complementary nutrients or weird foods you have never tried.
To reduce the bruising, you do not need any medicine.
For the first week the food has to be soft.
During the first 24 hours, use semi-liquid food.
After second day, a soft food diet is good. Soft food diet means that the foods should not be hard like apple, carrot and fired corn, and are easy to chew.

Process of healing the bruising

•  Immediately after surgery, intense bruising does usually not exist.
•  One day after surgery the bruisings increase and pick on the second day.
•  After the second day, the bruising start to heal gradually.
•  One week after surgery, when you come to remove your nasal splint and sutures, the bruising are nearly disappeared.
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