Does night snoring occur as the result of nose surgery
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Does night snoring occur as the result of nose surgery

Night snoring usually happens due to the problems in the throat. Nasal congestion and stuffiness are not usually the reason for snoring. Therefore, nasal septum deviation or nasal polyp or allergy cannot be the main cause of snoring. However, nasal congestion disrupts the quality of the sleep and causes breathing through mouth during the sleep which may intensify the snoring.
Does night snoring occur as the result of nose surgery
40 percent of men and 20 percent of women experience snoring. Snoring causes problems during the sleep. However only in 4 percent of men and 2 percent of women, snoring is so intense that can be dangerous and threatening to the life.
If snoring accompanies with breathing disorder during the sleep for 10 seconds and wakes up the person with feeling of asphyxia, snoring sounds too loud or accompanies the feeling of sleep during the day, it would be dangerous and should be taken seriously.
If the above symptoms accompany snoring, the possibility of heart attack or brain attack will be increased and it affects memory and concentration power of the person.
If the snoring occurs following nose surgery, various reasons might cause that. The most common reason would be narrowness of the nasal valve due to improper repairing during the rhinoplasty. Remaining or happening of deviated septum, or stiffness of the nasal mucosa or not improving the nasal turbinate, might cause it as well.
During the revision rhinoplasty, the main reason might be diagnosed and corrected. Too much size decrement of nose can reduce the useful space inside the nose and cause noisy breathing along with night snoring.
Allergy is an intensifying factor for snoring, and the treatment can be very useful. If the snoring reason is at the throat level, positive pressure mask could be an important therapeutic measure. Throat surgery, jaw surgery and weight loss can also be useful.
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