Swelling Of Nose following rhinoplasty plastic surgery
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Swelling Of Nose following rhinoplasty plastic surgery

Swelling Of Nose following rhinoplasty, plastic surgery and nose surgery, nose job. Usually, Major swelling disappear after 2 months. Minor swelling will subside after one year. Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job.
Swelling of nose
Swelling Of Nose following rhinoplasty plastic surgery
Every surgical operation, even the minor ones, accompany with the swelling of the area of the surgery to some extent. Degree of swelling varies from person to person. If both internal and external parts of the nose are operated, as septorhinoplasty, the swelling will be more. Patients whose their breathing problems are corrected at the same time as rhinoplasty will experience more swelling after rhinoplasty.

Take the following medical advices to accelerate the healing process of your nasal swelling

To – dos:

After nose surgery keep your head elevated and upright as much as you can.
For at least one week after surgery, put two pillows under the head while sleeping so the head is positioned at a higher level than the body.
For 48-hours use cold compress on the eyes and round the nose. When icing, be careful that the ice plastic bag or jelly mask is not wet. Cold compress is only effective for two days for subsiding the bruising and swelling. from the second day on, however, it only has relaxing effect.

To avoids:

For one month, do not bend down and do not lift heavy objects as this will increase blood pressure and increase the risk of nasal bleeding.
Be careful not to bump and hurt the nose.
You may use, hand blow dries to dry your hair. Do not use saloon hair driers (which cover your head) for two weeks .
Nasal splint should not get wet. If it gets wet and loose, inform the doctor immediately.
Slight feeling of congestion inside the nose is normal.
For one week do not try to open your nasal airway by intense sniffing of the air through your nose, because suctional force puts pressure on the nasal airways and increase the nasal swelling.
Do not use straw for drinking liquids. Suction causes pain on the nasal area and increase the swelling.
Blowing of the nose is strongly prohibited for 3 weeks after rhinoplatsy. It may cause tearing on the nasal tissue, bleeding and increase the nasal swelling.
Do not touch the nostrils, and do not rub them with tissue paper or even the fingers. This will increase the risk of infection and swelling.
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