Putting Glasses after Rhinoplasty
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Putting Glasses after Rhinoplasty

People who have eyeglasses are worried how to spend a month after surgery without their glasses. Is there a solution? Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job for glass wearers.
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Putting Glasses after Rhinoplasty
After rhinoplasty, the nasal bones are soft and flexible for one month. Any kind of pressure on the bone may reshape it. Therefore it would be better to stop using any kind of glasses (eyeglasses or sunglasses) for at least one month. The patient may use contact lens during this month.
In emergency cases, only if you really need to read something, for a limited time the patient may tape the glasses to the forehead and use the glasses. Taping the glasses to the forehead is to avoid putting pressure on the nose.
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Lasik and rhinoplasty in one trip

Eye surgery or nose surgery? Which one should be done first?
Actually, both are possible:

Lasik before rhinoplasty

Lasik eye surgeries which are performed to improve the refractory faults of eye (like myopia or astigmatism) would better to be done prior to rhinoplasty. This way, the patient would not need eyeglasses after rhinoplasty. Two weeks after Lasik eye surgery, doing nasal plastic surgery is possible.

Rhinoplasty then Lasik

If for any reason you prefer to do the Lasik eye surgery prior to nose surgery, it would be possible 4 weeks after rhinoplasty. Consult with your eye surgeon about this. If you need to put on sunglasses for more than one month after eye surgery, you would better to wait more and then go for rhinoplasty.
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