How to Wash Your Nose after rhinoplasty
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How to Wash Your Nose after rhinoplasty

3 weeks after rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job, you may wash the inside of your nose, using a syringe according to the method described by Dr. HOSNANI.
Wash your nose
How to Wash Your Nose after rhinoplasty
Many methods and devices have been introduced for washing the nose. Different kinds of Neti pots, bottles and washing devices have been introduced for nasal irrigation and are available at the pharmacies.. Nevertheless, Dr. HOSNANI believes that the best way to wash the nose after rhinoplasty is the use of syringe according to instruction that will be educated in this page. Note that after rhinoplasty, circulation of the saline solution inside the nose, letting the solution flow in from one nostril and out from the other one is not intended.
no nasal irrigation and circulation after rhiniplasty
Please also note that nasal irrigation is not allowed during the first 3 weeks after rhinoplasty. During that time, use of the nasal drops would be advised.

How to make a nasal isotonic solution

1- Boil water for 20 minutes.
2- Dissolve half tea spoon of salt into one glass of water.
3- Wait till the temperature drops and becomes moderate.
4- Nasal isotonic solution is ready.
how to make isotonic saline solution
Nasal isotonic serum is a solution of 0.9% salt. With a half tea spoon salt (almost 5.1 gr) and a glass of water (almost 167 gr), normal Saline solution can simply be made which is a proper solution for washing the nose.
Unpack a 10 CC syringe and throw the needle away. Fill up the syringe with the above solution. While standing before the sink, lean a little forward and place the syringe below your nose. Push the piston and wash your nose with the solution. If you do this gently, the solution will not enter your throat but if it did, do not worry. It is safe to swallow salty water! You may also spit it out. A little amount of the solution will remain inside your nose. You may gently blow your nose to let it out. Repeat the procedure with the other nostril. After you finished washing your nose, disassemble the piston out of syringe, wash and put them upside-down in a clean glass. 3 weeks after the nose surgery, wash your nose for two weeks every 6 hours according to the above instruction.
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