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Nasal deviation

First of all, we need a correct understanding of the definition of the nasal deviation. Nose is a 3D structure in shape of a pyramid which is divided into 2 cavities with a central wall that is called septum. Air flows inside the nose toward the throat after being conditioned, warmed and humidified.

nasal septum

Internally deviated nose (deviated septum)

Deviated nose should not be misunderstood with the crooked nose. Nasal deviation means crookedness of septum inside the nose, not the nose itself. The septum inside the nose is a vertical thin wall that shapes the nose, similar to the role of a column that keeps a tent stand still. This vertical wall sometimes leans toward left or right. In this case we say that the nose is deviated. Notice that nasal deviation is an inner problem and it might not be seen. This condition can be corrected by a type of surgery, called septoplasty.
deviated septum

deviated septum

Externally deviated nose (Crooked nose)

In deviated nose, all of the nasal structures have grown crookedly and the nose looks twisted. External deviation of the nose can be corrected by cosmetic rhinoplasty techniques.

There are two types of externally deviated nose

1- If the nasal septum is deviated in parallel with the total structure of the nose, the person may not suffer breathing problem. Such people only need rhinoplasty if they are not happy with the appearance of their nose. For such patients, deviation of the nasal septum will be corrected along with the deviation of the total pyramid of the nose during the rhinoplasty to prevent any breathing problem.

2- If the nose is externally deviated and at the same time the septum is badly deviated and twisted, the person has both beauty and breathing problems. In such cases, the surgeon has to correct the deviated septum along with correction of deviation of the nose to improve breathing of the patient.

Externally and internally deviated nose which are corrected by Dr HOSNANI

Therefore, unlike the way people might think, correction of the external deviation of the nose (a.k.a. crookedness of the nose) is only possible by plastic nasal surgery techniques (cosmetic rhinoplasty). In contrary, if the patient’s breathing is suffered due to the deviated septum, the correction is possible with simpler techniques of septoplasty with lower expenses.

Cost of septoplasty without rhinoplasty:

It is possible to only correct deviation of the septum without doing any plastic surgery. The cost of such procedure is only about US$ 1000.

Simultaneous correction of internal and external deviation of the nose

It is possible to improve both internal and external deviation of the nose.
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