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Nasal polyps

Internal lining of the nose is called Mucous membrane. Mucus might grow abnormally due to various factors. As a result, an extra tissue is formed inside the nose which is called Polyp. Polyps occur in reaction to the allergens or sensitizing agents and occupy the internal part of the nose. Since the nasal passage is partially blocked by the polyps, airflow passes through the nose with some difficultly and you may feel nasal congestion.

What are the symptoms of nasal polyps?

Polyps usually occupy internal nasal space and sinuses which may lead to the feeling of congestion. Besides the congestion, decreased sense of smell, headache, feeling of fullness and pressure on the face and postnasal drips (flow of mucous secretion from the posterior part of the nasal cavity into the throat) are some symptoms of polyps.

How to cure nasal polyps?

• You may not have a polyp at all!

Sometimes the excessive growth of mucus is not so high that polyps occur, but the person is still feeling congestion and has some symptoms of polyp. In such cases the term allergic rhinitis (sensitivity) is used and the treatment of this condition is only with medical therapy and does not need to surgery. The first step to treatment is always diagnosis.
Elaheh who e-mailed the description of her condition to Dr. HOSNANI via Internet consultation said that she has a feeling of congestion in each one of her left or right side of nose alternatively and was worried about nasal polyps. Dr. HOSNANI described to her that she did not have nasal polyps and that her problem was small inflated mucous membrane due to allergens.

• You may only need medication.

Nasal polyps can often be effectively treated with medication. If you have small polyps, medications in forms of nose drops, tablets or nasal sprays containing corticosteroids may be able to reduce inflammation in your nose, shrink and eliminate the polyps.
Dr. HOSNANI usually prescribes the following medications for nasal polyps:
Sprays: Fluticasone, Betamethasone, Budesonide
Tablets: Fexophenadine, cetirizine

• You may need endoscopic surgery

If your symptoms do not respond to medicinal treatments, endoscopic surgeries may be used. In endocsopic surgeries an endoscope (an optic fiber with a video camera at its end) will pass through your nose and polyps will be removed using a tiny motorised revolving saw without making any cut on your face

• Rhinoplasty and polyp surgery together

Endoscopic surgeries of nose and sinuses are possible while cosmetic rhinoplasty is being performed.
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