Achieving Smaller Nose by rhinoplasty
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Achieving Smaller Nose by rhinoplasty

How important is to have a small nose? How far achieving small nose is possible by rhinoplasty? Get advice of by Dr Hamidreza HOSNANI about expecting small nose to be achieved by Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, nose surgery, nose job.
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Achieving Smaller Nose by rhinoplasty
Applicants who request for smaller nose are one of the major group of rhinoplasty applicants. In some cases, we realize that the expectations are higher than the reality. Why small nose is so attractive for some people?
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Middle eastern face: big nose.

In the middle eastern race, size of the nose is bigger than other facial features. Regarding the fact that beauty of the face highly depends on the beauty of its elements, middle-eastern people are cleverly recognized that to achieve an attractive face, they have to have a smaller nose. This issue is different in other races. For example in the east Asia, nose is small, therefore rhinoplasty applicants in those countries are more interested in bigger nose.

Proportion is all that matters, not smaller size.

Unfortunately, people with big nose usually think that their nose has to be as small as possible after rhinoplasty to achieve their desired beauty. They fantasize and dream about small nose. They are ignoring that beauty is always achieved by proportion. Small nose in big face, not only is not beautiful, but also reduces the beauty of person. In some cases the nose is not big by itself but other elements of the face like jaws and cheeks are configured the way that nose looks big on the face. In such cases, other parts of the face have to be fixed as the main solution.

Smaller nose without whistling breath and night snoring

Many people forget that the main function of nose is providing an airway for easy breathing. Better quality of life is much more important than having beautiful nose. If the nose is smaller than a limitation, without any doubt, part of nasal airways will be sacrificed and it causes nasal congestion and whistling breath and night snoring. People with meaty nose are more prone to have this problem because thick skin of the nose will make the nasal airway narrow and increases the probability of nasal congestion in such people.


1. Making nose smaller is only appropriate for people whose size of nose is big for their face. Smaller nose is not proper for everyone.
2. There are limitation for making nose smaller, both aesthetically and functionally. The applicants would better give up requesting for fancy nose.
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