Price of nose surgery = USD 2700 to 3500 depending on the nose.
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Computer imaging for prediction of the result of nose surgery

Most applicants ask rhinoplasty surgeon how I will look after the nose surgery. I would like to know whether or not I will like the shape of my nose after surgery? Some people bring celebrities’ photos and say they would like to exactly look like this person. Some people, many of them kind of art-workers themselves, design the shape of their nose with Photoshop and ask their nose surgeon to implement their sketches.
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Please note the following points before sending computer imaging request:

•  Human being is a living creature. Unlike stone and wood, human nose cannot be engraved and reshaped into any desired form.
•  After rhinoplasty, cartilage, bone, skin and nasal tissue start to react. They reform into other shapes which are not under the control of the surgeon.
•  Showing images to the surgeon and using computer Softwares like photoshop, the plastic surgeon will be able to figure out the applicants’ desires and wishes. In another word, these methods are used as a means of communication between surgeon and patient, however, they do not guarantee the result of rhinoplasty.
•  Each person has a unique facial structure (upper Jaw, lower jaw and forehead) and each face needs a special design. Moreover, the type of each nose is different. There are nearly 70 – 80 types of nose each of which having special problems. Therefore, it is not appropriate to copy a person’s nose and paste it on the face of another person. Any temptation to do so will most probably end to dissatisfaction and bad results.

In general, during the consultation visit, instead of request for computer imaging, it would be better to take the doctor’s previous result into account and ask him which model of the nose is similar to yours.
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